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I'm a manager that just transferred a new store. What is the password to this store's account?

Use the "Forgot Password" feature to receive the current password. The password will be sent to storeXXXX@sonicpartnernet.com where XXXX is the four digit store code of the store you are at.

How are skates sized?

All Sonic skates are in men's sizes. Women should go down one size for the best fit. For example: If you are a size 8 in women's shoes, you should choose a size 7 skate.

Can I choose a different color wheel for my skates?

Yes! You can choose from any of the colors available in that model of wheel. Click on "Customize and Add to Cart" to choose the details of your skate.

How are your products priced?

Wheels are priced per set of eight, unless otherwise noted.
Bearings are priced per set of 16. A pair of skates uses 16 bearings total, two for each wheel.
Toe stops are priced per pair. A pair of skates uses one pair of toe stops, one toe stop for each skate.
Skates are priced per pair.

My wheels on my skates are worn out. Can I replace just the wheels?

Yes! You can either take the bearings out of your current wheels, and put them in your new wheels or you can purchase a wheel/bearing combo and new bearings will come pre-installed on your new wheels.

How do you replace the wheels on a skate?

  1. Before you begin, keep in mind that it is highly recommended that you replace your axle nuts every time your replace your wheels.
  2. Take the eight locknuts off of the skate.
  3. Remove the old wheels from the trucks.
  4. If the new wheels do not have bearings installed, remove the bearings from your old wheels and place them in your new wheels.
  5. Place one new wheel with bearings installed on the skate, and place an axle nut on the axle to keep the new wheel from coming off while you add the other wheels.
  6. Repeat step 4 until all the new wheels are installed.
  7. Tighten down the axle nuts on each axle. The wheels should spin freely, with no "play" or "slack" between the bearings and the axle nut. If you can tighten or loosen the axle nuts on the skate with your fingers, the axle nuts are not tight enough.

*We recommend replacing your axle nuts every time you replace your wheels.

Which tools should we keep here at the Drive-In?

We recommend keeping the "Adjustable Toe Stop Wrench" handy; this is used for rotating toe stops and removing toe stops. We also recommend the "RC Nut Buddy" tool; this is a great tool that can be used to adjust/remove axle nuts, kingpin nuts, and mounting nuts.